2017 All New Pricelist is Available for Download

We take an all-inclusive approach to the training and care of our clients and horses.


includes hay, shavings, and stall cleaning


training rides and lessons tailored to the horse and/or rider (max 2 jumping lessons per week)


full grooming at home, tack up and un-tacking. 24 hr notice.


$90 — Private
$75 — Semi-Private
$850 — Package of 10 (3 month limit) / $20 additional for private
$65 — Haul in fee



$1,000 deposit per show. Due 1 week prior to show

Day Care
$80/day: CEQ clients
$100/day: Non CEQ clients
** Includes schooling, coaching, and professional rides
** Plus $25 for each of first and last day for setup and breakdown
Includes: Equipment moving, loading, unloading, additional staff, laundering, frequent tack ups and put away, added bathing, additional supplies, braider scheduling, braid removal, liniment or poultice application and nightly wrapping, use of polo wraps, saddle pads and fly bonnets.

Share of costs per horse
Includes sending entries, grooming/tack/feed stalls, feed, bedding, set-up, extra labor, laundry, supplies (buckets, snaps, hardware, wood, brushes, shampoos, cleaning supplies, hoof picks, electrolytes, etc)

Groom Fee’s
Share of costs per horse
Assessed at each show and posted to client/horse
To be paid at show
** If horse not at show for all days of warm up and show groom fee is $100/day (as opposed to being in the groom split)

Service Charge
$50: Assessed if CEQ has to cover any costs due to Owner not having or having supplied checks for show, grooming, or braiding. Prize Money
20% of any purse whereby CEQ trainer places in class of $2,500 purse

Show Scratches
Owner is responsible for all office charges, show fees, stall, scratch fees etc when entered to show and scripted less 8 days out
75% charge for grooming and share of expenses when done one week or less from show

$5 administration fee (Adequan, Banamine, Antibiotics, eat)

Day Fees – When traveling to look at horse for purchase and/or vetting
$150: Half day (4 hours or less) plus expenses incurred
$250: Full day (more than 4 hours) plus expenses incurred

10% on all sales, purchases, and leases when CEQ representative acting as agent